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Provide best in class customer experience

  • Data rules the world, but do you trust your data?
  • How many hours and resources do you spend validating your data assets?
  • Have you been struggling with multiple records?
  • Do you feel alone in maintaining and improving the quality of your data?

The good news is that you are on the right path to supporting your organization’s success. However, can you ensure and maintain best-in-class data quality across your different data assets? And can both business and IT join forces to achieve healthy data? The answer is: Yes!

During this seminar, we will share insights on how you can beat the noise and make the data trustworthy and healthy.
We will show how to integrate data as a governed self-service, together with your integration pipelines thanks to the “Fab 4” of Talend Data Fabric – Data Inventory, Data Preparation, Pipeline Designer, and Data Stewardship – using the Talend Trust Score™ as a guiding principle. You will learn how you can embed this in a custom data quality framework and approach. And more! We will show you how you can embed this in a custom data quality framework and approach.

Maintain trusted data to improve customer experience and help your organization stay on track to achieve business outcomes.

In this seminar we will cover how to

  • Initiate and improve data quality through self-service Data Preparation
  • Standardize and validate your data with point-and-click tools and smart guides
  • Clean and enrich data to achieve data you can trust
  • Identify duplicates and implement matching and merging steps
  • Remediate data quality discrepancies through Data Stewardship campaigns
  • Collaborate, build, and share quality pipelines and datasets with Data Inventory
  • Empowering your data experts with an enterprise-wide data health culture


A solid data integration and data management platform provides the connectivity, flexibility, and scalability your team needs to succeed – while keeping your data usable, and actionable as you grow. This seminar will show you the tools and techniques to succeed in your business outcomes.

The Netherlands - CANCELED

When –  Tuesday, September 20th 2022
Timing –  12:30 – 16:00 CEST
Where –  Landgoed de Horst, Driebergen (Utrecht)
Language – English/Dutch
Cost – Free


When –  Wednesday, September 21st 2022
Timing –  9:30 – 13:00 CEST
Where –  Salons van Edel, Wilrijk (Antwerp)
Language – English/Dutch
Cost – Free

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